Traditional Casino Games of Asia

Are you among those who is eager to try hands on different kinds of gambling games in Asia? You might be wondering why only Asia. Well, Asia is one of the biggest and fast growing gambling markets in the world. Besides, it is also reported that the people of Asia are ten times more likely to get into the game of gambling compared to others in the world. In Asia, there are several games played online, which are quite popular. Apart from these, there are also some traditional games, which have been present since decades and still retain the same demand even today. The list of such games is listed below.

Top Asian Casino Games:

1) Baccarat:

Baccarat is one of the largely played card games that have three variants namely – punto banco, baccarat chemin de fer and baccarat banque. Multiple players get into this game with a standard deck of cards against a dealer. It is usually frequented by whales, or high-rollers, who can either win or lose huge amounts overnight. This game is well known all around the world, but it is dominant mainly in places like Macau, which is a hub for gambling in Asia.

2) Mahjong:

No other tile game has become as popular as Mahjong, which originated during the Qing dynasty (1644 – 1912) in China. The game is akin to the card game like rummy, while some of its aspects also match with the solitaire version that we find on our personal computers. It is said to have been invented by Confucius, and is deep rooted with both Japanese and Chinese cultures.

3) Keno:

According to the trusted asian casinos reviews, Keno is an interesting and easy scoring gambling game, which is just like a lottery or bingo game. Even before the game starts, Keno cards are marked and when the numbers are called, players mark the called out numbers if they are rightly guessed. Each round of Keno takes not more than 15 minutes, thus leaving a lot of time for players to check their scores.

4) Pai Gow:

The way Pai Gow is played is completely different from how Pai Gow Poker is played in the US. It is one of the traditional gambling games of China, which is said to date back close to 1000AD during the Song Dynasty. In this game, it is possible to find an edge for the player.

5) Sic Bo:

It is another ancient Chinese game that requires three dices to play. Based on the casino, the bets and payouts differ and this makes it quite interesting to play.


Information about Just Jewels Deluxe Game

There are a large variety of casino games and slot machines are one among them. A slot machine is nothing but a fruit machine or casino gambling machine that consists of three or more reels, which start spinning with the push of a button. These machines utilize a random number generator that determines the end result of the game. Even in slot machines, you can come across different games and one of the popular among them is Just Jewels Deluxe.

Produced by Novomatic, Just Jewels Deluxe is a basic slot machine game that lures beginners, experienced, regular as well as occasional players. The developer had infused it with a lot of interesting features. This is a perfect game to choose especially for novice as it is less complex but gives high rewarding output. It is even regarded as one of the best games developed by Novamatic.

Just like the name suggests, the game is just about jewels which also gives good entertainment to the players. Moving into the game details, the developer has chosen a pleasant theme featuring jewels in the shape of heart. You can also see gold bars, king crowns, euro signs, and dollar bills among others. Except for the scatters, the remaining symbols are present as stacked symbols, indicating that these can be won on all the ten paylines.

This basic game comes with 10 paylines and includes no free bonus or spins. But it can be won easily by playing from right to left and left to right, including on the 3 mid reels. A player has chances to win this game until he or she has a winning combination in line on a payline. The maximum potential to win the game is 5.000x the total stake for each spin, and the game is won if all the 10 reels are filled with kind crowns.

Considered as Novamatic’s one of the best gaminators, the game consists of several glittery jewels as symbols which triggers rewarding points and bonus games through the winning combinations. The game includes jewel symbols like ruby, purple & blue sapphire, red heart, emerald and green gems, theses jewels are the main reason behind the theme and name of the game.

Just Jewels Deluxe is quite different from a regular slot machine game. You can still win the game if you have three of a kind combination on a payline. And these can be from left to right or right to left and even in between 2, 3 and 4 reels. However, this game doesn’t include free spins, bonus and wild symbols. Hence, this becomes a good option for serious players, who can get into the actual game to win money instead of spending time of bonuses and free spins.


Play Online Pokies And Win Real Money

Poker machines, in short called as Pokies, are one of the interesting casino games played for actual money. This game is played both online and offline. In countries like Australia, there are also web based casinos that allow actual money deposits. This in turn helps players to earn real money even when playing online. As it is an online game, you can play either on computer or smartphone at anytime and from anywhere.

But before depositing in any of the pokie games, it is vital to select a reliable and genuine website. A good casino website ensures fair game play and also guarantees secure payments. Besides, it also offers best pokies promotions as well as correct deposit methods. These portals even accept debit as well as credit cards for payment purposes. Talking about the money, most players usually convert their money into other currency. But playing playing real money pokies with your own currency is always a good idea. Once your account is created, the real money status can be updated and you can also make online casino deposit.

One must be careful when selecting online casino. A reputed web based casino usually offers bonuses on sign up to players. If your purpose is to play pokies mainly for real money, try to find a welcome offer that is exclusive only to real money pokies players. Next, know about the terms and conditions given for that particular bonus, along with the wagering requirements. The deposit bonuses for online pokies are normally good and balanced. These also provide attractive incentives that increase your bankroll and overall profits. Some sites even encourage bankroll management when playing with free money.

When it comes to making money, many might hesitate initially to depend on these games. The fact is, similar to any gambling, online pokies also come with risk. But it is possible to earn real money when there is good bankroll management and focus on the game. Players ought to have a lot of patience when playing pokies online as it includes payout percentage, which determines how much a pokie machine takes in and pays out in ratio.

Besides, a player can also try playing in different formats to find out which is the best fit. This game has 3-reel and 5-reel format. In addition to these, the game comes with various bonus features and aspects that make it not just fun and exciting to play, but also give huge profits.