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For the first time on the history qualifying takes part in different week football concepts, the goal set timing is UEFA European tournament was commonly termed as UEFA it is a men’s football tournament organized by Europe countries. First time 16 more teams are expanded on the list nine qualified teams will join with France, France are automatically qualified because of the host nation in the year 2010 they are chosen as host nation and this is not the first time they are participating as a host country even before that also they taken the pride in hosting.


Winning Team Will Be Able To Compete In Fifa

Whatever country wins the match has the right to enjoy the direct tournament participation and have full rights to compete in FIFA games which were hosted by Russia country. Matches of the European tournaments will be taken part in ten respected cities each team has got the respected stay out spot and training area only in that particular spot they should stay all over the tournaments and transport other accommodations facility will be arranged by the host country. French team is also won championships twice before, croatia spain euro cup odds were seen in the same group both are equally strong and got the good and well playing players.

Spain is referred as the defending teams directly qualified to the 12th position in finals, at the early period only eight stadiums are taken part but in this year due to the team expansion eleven stadiums are announced by the committee people. Initially 66 base camps were setup teams cannot able to choose the camp spot only committee has the power to allocate it and this was announced on March itself. Final format is totally changed every rounds has got the two extra teams due to the changes but the rules and timing has not changed.

One extra round has added in the knock out stage six groups will comes under different sections, sections are named with alphabetical order starts from A to F. Each alphabet represents two teams nearly sixteen teams are going to takes place in knock-out round so this time these changes are going to add extra fun and entertainment, in semi-finals nearly 8 teams are suitable to play as per the new setup. Each and every team need to present the squad details at least twenty days before the match it is nothing but the players list, in case any medical problems or injuries taken part to the players the members will replaced by the other members who are in the squad list totally 23 members will be in the list not more than that. For more details visit us at

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