How well do you know your bingo lingo?

One of the most unique part about playing offline bingo or online bingo games is the bingo lingo. Whenever a number is called on in the lingo form, it makes the games much more interesting and entertaining. Not only is it funny, but learning bingo lingo also helps one to improve their game play.

Here’s your guide to bingo lingo:

No. 1– Kelly’s eye / First on the board / At the Beginning

No. 2 –Little boy blue / Me and you / Peek a boo / One Little Duck

No. 3- Cup of tea /One little flea / Dearie me / You and me / Goodness me,

No. 4- Knock at the door / Shut the door / The one next door

No. 5- The little snake / Man alive / Set of Jacks

No. 6- Up to his tricks / In a fix / Tom Mix / Chopsticks,

No. 7- Lucky seven / A slice of heaven / One little crutch

No. 8- The pearly gate / At the gate / One fat lady / She’s always late

No. 9- Doctor’s orders / China’s luck

No. 10- Big fat hen / Uncle Ben / PM’s den / Downing Street / Cock and hen,

No. 11- Legs eleven / All the ones

No. 12- Monkey’s cousin / One dozen / One and two

No. 13- Unlucky for some / Bakers dozen

No. 14 Valentines day

No. 15- Yet to be kissed / Rugby team / Young and keen,

No. 16- Sweet sixteen / Never been kissed

No. 17- Dancing queen / Posh and Becks

No. 18- Now you can vote

No. 19- Goodbye teens

No. 20 One score / Getting plenty / Blind 20

No. 21- Key of the door / Royal salute,

No. 22- Quack quack / Two little ducks / All the twos / Bishop Desmond

No. 23- A duck and a flea/ Thee and me/ The Lord’s my shepherd/ A duck on a tree

No. 24- Two dozen/ Did you score?/ Do you want some more?

No. 25 Duck and dive/

No. 26 Bed and breakfast/ Half a crown/ Pick and mix

No. 27- Little duck with a crutch / Gateway to heaven

No. 28- Duck & its mate / In a state,

No. 29- Rise and shine / In your prime,

No. 30- Burlington Bertie / Dirty Gertie / Blind 30 / Speed limit (in built-up area, UK) / Flirty thirty / Your face is dirty

No. 31- Get up and run

No. 32- Buckle my Shoe

No. 33- Dirty knees / All the feathers / All the threes / Gertie Lee / Two little fleas / Sherwood forest (all the trees)

No. 34 Ask for more

No. 35 jump and jive / Flirty wives

No. 36- Three dozen / Perfect (as in 36-24-36)

No. 37- A flea in heaven / More than eleven

No. 38- Christmas cake

No. 39- Those famous steps / All the steps / Jack Benny

No. 40- Two score / Life begins at / Blind 40 / Naughty 40

No. 41- Life’s begun / Time for fun

No. 42- That famous street in Manhattan, Whinny the Poo

No. 43- Down on your knees

No. 44- All the fours / Droopy drawers,

No. 45- Halfway house / Halfway there,

No. 46- Up to tricks

No. 47 Four and seven

No. 48- Four dozen

No. 49- PC 49

No. 50- Bulls eye / Blind 50 / Half a century

No. 51- I love my mum / Tweak of the thumb,

No. 52- Weeks in a year/ Pack ‘o cards / Danny La Rue

No. 53- The joker / Stuck in the tree,

No. 54- Clean the floor,

No. 55- Snakes alive / All the fives,

No. 56- Was she worth it?

No. 57-  Heinz varieties / All the beans

No. 58- Make them wait / Choo choo Thomas

No. 59- Brighton line (engine 59)

No. 60- Blind 60 / Five dozen / Three score

No. 61- Bakers bun

No. 62- Tickety boo / Turn on the screw

No. 63- Tickle me

No. 64- The Beatles number / Red raw

No. 65- Old age pension / Stop work (retirement age)

No. 66- Clickety click / All the sixes

No. 67- Made in heaven / Argumentative number

No. 68- Saving grace

No. 69- Meal for two / The French connection / The same both ways / Either way up,

No. 70- Three score and ten / Blind 70

No. 71- Bang on the drum / Lucky one

No. 72- A crutch and a duck / Six dozen / Par for the course (golf) / Lucky two

No. 73- Crutch with a flea / Queen B / Under the tree / Lucky three

No. 74- Candy store / Grandmamma of Bingo / Lucky four

No. 75- Lucky five / Strive and strive / Big Daddy / Granddaddy of Bingo

No. 76- Trombones / Seven ‘n’ six – was she worth it? / Lucky six

No. 77- Sunset strip / All the sevens / Two little crutches / The double hockey stick / Lucky seven

No. 78- Heavens gate / Lucky eight

No. 79- One more time / Lucky nine

No. 80- Gandhi’s breakfast / Blind 80 / Eight and blank / There you go matey

No. 81- Fat lady and a little wee / Stop and run / Corner shot

No. 82- Fat lady with a duck / Straight on through

No. 83- Fat lady with a flea / Time for tea / Ethel’s Ear

No. 84- Seven dozen

No. 85- Staying alive

No. 86- Between the sticks

No. 87-  Fat lady on crutches / Torquay in Devon

No. 88-  Two fat ladies / Wobbly wobbly / All the eights

No. 89- Nearly there / All but one

No. 90 – Top of the shop / Top of the house / End of the line / Blind 90,


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