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It's Not Just the Ponies

A gambler was once asked about the attraction of betting on animals running in a circle. His reply was intriguing. “Well, it’s not the free betting or the overpriced beers. It’s the characters you run into at the track. They are worth the price of admission.”


Most individuals who bet on sports fancy themselves “handicappers” at some level. They handicap the games, makes excuses when they are wrong and take all the credit when they are correct. While some horse players proclaim themselves handicappers, there is a large group of folks who just go to have fun and enjoy the pageantry. if you fancy trying free betting online, plenty of websites will give you some action.


One of the great attractions to betting on horses is the vast number of wager types available on a given race. Some wagers can return enormous amounts of money with a very small investment. Superfectas (selecting the first 4 finishers in a race in the exact order) are known to pay five figures on a regular basis for only a $1 investment. You can’t get those types of returns betting sports. As the internet has expanded into horse race wagering, sportsbooks, racetracks and internet wagering sites have begun offering free betting or rebates in order to attract large bettors. This has changed a lot of things about the sport.


The things that haven’t changed are the best things about horse racing. You can never take away the beauty of the animals who love to run and give their all every time they hit the track. The wonderful colors of the racing silks make everyday at the track seem like the first day of spring. And of course, you have the characters around the track who put on a show of their own. Some people call them gambling degenerates. No mater what they are called, they are a hoot to watch. They all seem to have their superstitions like always placing their wagers at the same window. They will always let you know when they got it right and they are nowhere to be found when they lose. It’s all part of the pageantry, a world unto itself.